Fiero Earring Small - Epoca Cream with Bronze

Fiero Earring Small - Epoca Cream with Bronze


Fiero: fierce, wild, fiery

Earring Materials: over 1,000 faceted glass beads, crystals and signature sterling silver ear wire
Drop length: 3 to 3.25 inches (beaded portion only)

Because each piece is handcrafted, listed dimensions may vary slightly.

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Item# HLEP14-22

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Each piece of HUICHOL LOVE jewelry is hand-beaded by Huichol artisans in the remote mountains of Mexico and finished with sterling silver and gold elements in our studios in Austin, Texas and Sayulita, Mexico.

10% of proceeds from website jewelry sales are donated to the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival, an organization that empowers the Huichol people to maintain their spiritual, artistic, and cultural heritage by preparing them to coexist with the outside world on their own terms.