The HUICHOL LOVE collection is designed to benefit the Huichol people and to spread love for the Huichol culture. 

The Huichol are considered to be one of the last surviving pre-Columbian cultures in the world and, like many indigenous peoples around the globe that are facing modernity, their vibrant culture is in danger of vanishing.

The creation of HUICHOL LOVE jewelry helps provide opportunities for Huichol people to remain in their homeland while utilizing their traditional skills to sustain themselves. Every piece in the collection is hand beaded by the Huichol people in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico and finished with signature sterling silver and gold elements in our studios in Austin, TX and Sayulita, Mexico. 

HUICHOL LOVE produces limited amounts of handmade, carefully crafted jewelry.


To learn more about the Huichol people and how you can help, you can visit  The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival.

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I am Jeri Lynn Ingram, The Alchymista.

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