It is my great pleasure to get to work with the Huichol people in the production of HUICHOL LOVE jewelry.


HUICHOL LOVE Jewelry is handcrafted by Huichol beaders at the Nobel Peace Prize - nominated Huichol Center for Cultural Survival, which has a very special place in my heart. I see firsthand the difference that the Center makes in the lives of many. Their website states the Huichol Center mission better than I can:

Within the rugged mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, the Huichol Center empowers both Huichol individuals and communities across the country to maintain their spiritual, artistic and cultural heritage by preparing them to coexist with the outside world on their own terms. Facing territorial encroachment of their sacred land and a need to survive in a modern world, the Huichol Center provides a bridge across a cultural divide. With careful planning and education the Huichol people can thrive in today's world without sacrificing their native traditions or language.



The Huichol Center provides work for the Huicholes that utilizes their traditional skills and a school for the Huichol children.

They grow fruits and vegetables in their organic gardens and raise chickens, rabbits, and turkeys to help sustain the community. 

They are archiving all things Huichol: Huichol art, rituals, traditional symbols, language, etc.

 The Huichol Center does a lot with very little. To find out more about them or to help the cause, check out their website:

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