Heading back to Austin


Eight years ago, my truelove Ian and I got married in Sayulita, Mexico. We've visited often since then and we moved our family to Sayulita 2 years ago. We came here to slow down for a while, relax a little, challenge ourselves, and immerse our children in a different culture. We've done all of that and more.

jungle view
huichol cleansing
beach drawing
huichol ojo de dios

Now we're packing up our pickup truck and we're heading back to Austin soon. For a while at least. 

We're excited about this shift. It's time to cozy up with our friends and family. And I'd like to grow HUICHOL LOVE in ways that can be more easily realized stateside. We love life here. We'll miss being a part of this eclectic little community.

And we'll be back. 

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